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    welcome to Guangzhou panyu district yuanchuang chemical equipment factory official website!

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    Mixing equipment, vacuum mixer, planetary mixer, vacuum rubber mixing machine

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    about yuanchuang

    Guangzhou panyu source and chemical equipment factory is located in the traffic developed pearl river delta center - guangzhou panyu area, is a company specializing in the production of chemical mixture mixing equipment.
    Products include: two planetary mixer, high precision extrusion nozzle and mixing dual planetary power mixing machine, mixer, planetary mixer with high viscosity vacuum mixer, planets, high viscosity vacuum mixer, the extrusion nozzle factory, rubber mixing machine, vacuum biaxial planetary mixer, vertical blending machine, liquid planetary mixer, electric vacuum rubber mixing machine, vacuum mixer, guangzhou rubber mixing plant home, fast dual planetary mixer, vacuum mixer, rubber mixing machine price, emulsifying high-speed planetary mixer, vacuum mixer, heating the planet mixer, dual planetary mixer, form a complete set of hydraulic discharging machine, dispersion machine, planetary mixer, ribbon mixer, reaction kettle, high viscosity double jacketed type planetary mixer and general chemical equipment.Our factory has a group specializing in the production of chemical equipment of staff, be engaged in chemical mechanical design of senior designers and engineers for many years, in large state-owned chemical machinery factory is engaged in years of management work management.
    Products in strict accordance with the relevant standard production, adhere to the principle of quality first, customer first, to ensure the quality on time delivery according to customer requirements and provide perfect and thoughtful after-sales service to customers.
    Our aim is:Adhere to honesty, quality first, customer first. Truth-seeking, innovation, hard entrepreneurship to provide you with quality products and perfect service.
    Welcome come my enterprise to visit!

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    粵ICP備15010866號 廣州市番禺源創化工設備廠聯系人:蘇先生 電話:13711733317 座機:020-34551798
    傳真:020-34551788 地址:中國廣東廣州市番禺區石碁鎮前鋒村13隊沿江路番禺源創化工設備廠

    technical support:hangzhousixi 您是第80365位訪問者

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